The PPC produces high-quality film and video projects. We specialize in creative documentary films and commissioned educational videos.

Creative Documentaries


Living Downstream

84 min / 55 min | HD | 2010

Based on the acclaimed book by Sandra Steingraber, PhD, this cinematic documentary film follows Sandra over the course of one pivotal year as she works to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links.




That of God

54 min | DVcam / 16mm | 2009


A lyrical documentary film about Quakerism in Canada, focusing on the Quaker principle that within each person, there is something of the divine, or “that of God.”





SASA! A Film about Women, Violence and HIV/AIDS

30 min | HDV | 2006


An advocacy film, shot in Uganda and Tanzania, about the link between violence against women and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more >



Educational Videos



Our History Is Here

8 min | HD | 2013


An introduction to the Mary-Lou Griffin Local History Room, a valuable resource maintained by the Richmond Hill Public Library.

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The Approach in Action

45 min | HDV | 2006

An educational training video for violence prevention organizations, shot in Uganda and Tanzania.

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Take a Step

30/60 sec | 35mm | 2005

A public service announcement encouraging adults to enroll in basic skills upgrading programs.

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